All About Us!

Naytaris was created out of a fundamental desire to simplify IT Procurement.

For Business, Home, Network & Internet. We can deliver secure services to your location of choice.

After many years working for blue-chip companies, government departments, private clients and other supurb customers; a group of us decided to get together and build an IT company from scratch! We have plenty of off the shelf solutions ready to implement along with our 'A List' products. If you would like bespoke solutions desiging, our team of skilled and reliable engineers can work closely with your team to ensure we fully understand your business goals and objectives before making any recommendations. Since we serve a wide array of industries, we are able to leverage our experience to redefine operational excellence for your company. Our analysis is targeted to identify any gaps in your current IT infrastructure, security or efficiencies and create a structured plan for remediation that can be implemented in a timely manner. Our team provides the proactive IT services and support that allows you to deliver exceptional service to your customers, reduce operational costs and boost revenue.

An example of Hybrid deployment

We firmly believe that Hybrid cloud designs are the most productive, secure and sensible. Our approach keeps your logon sources, close to your devices. We keep your data in the UK and we keep many other technologies wherever they are cheapest. Our expertise of AWS and Azure allows us to leverage the most cost effective zones and technologies to ensure you never pay too much for your IT. We can even create runbooks to perform partial power down overnight, to save on electricity, resources and ultimately cost. Get in touch for a no obligation chat. We do not employ salespeople. We simply dont need them. Our primary product list is based around Microsoft technologies, but this does not stop us using everything from Linux, Open source, Free tier, component or device solutions to ensure we dont spin up entire servers to host one tool, when the tool is often available as an online component within Azure and AWS.