What is a Virtual Server Host

This solution allows customers to operate a number of virtual servers and desktops. It provides an onsite alternative to hosting such devices in a cloud service such as Azure or AWS or hosting individual physical devices.

Hosting virtual servers (Windows 2019) and desktops (Windows 10) is the industry standard method of delivering windows based client devices to mobile users, allowing them to log onto the devices from alternative locations.

We install the server and condfigure it within your environment, accepting secure connections from  specified internal IP Addresses on specific ports.

We then provide 2 workshop sessions for handing over the day to day management of the server, including spinning up new servers and desktops and changing the configuration.

Included within the server are multiple SSD and spinning disks as well as 2 removable drives for backups.

We will also configure specific cloud or local storage connectivity and enable virtual machine snapshots to be stored there.