Building a Virtual Server Host

Course Details
Course Name Virtualising Servers with VirtualBox
Course Code A0100005
Delivered By Practical IT Solutions
Cost £95.00
Location Classroom (Stockport)
Target Technical System Administrators
Length 1 Day (9 Hours) 08:30-17:30
Prerequisites Learners should have a basic understanding of Windows, along with familiarity with Windows 10 networking.
Course Overview
This course will provide you with a basic understanding of installing and configuring Microsoft VirtualBox which is fundamental to virtualising servers and desktops and securing them for access within your network.

You will practice installing Virtualisation software including the pre-requisites and post installation configuration. You will learn about the concepts of Virtualisation and the resulting virtual desktops and servers and their and their integration and deployment.

Once VirtualBox is installed you will practice building and operating virtual servers and desktops, taking snapshots and troubleshooting.

The course is informal and allows time for questions and scenarios to be examined in detail within the class environment.

Audience Profile
The course is aimed at new system administrators who have little experience of Virtualisation in general. People who have an interest in the subject or are planning a career in IT will find the course useful if they do not have prior knowledge of the subject matter.
Skills Gained
·         Assess the need for Virtualisation in a corporate environment

·         Build a new Virtualisation application installation from scratch

·         Create virtual servers, desktops and associated data

·         Understand the relationships between networks internal and external

·         Configure and check objects and add configuration for access

·         Understand where to find objects, configuration items and policies

·         Take a backup of the software and machines and perform basic troubleshooting

·         Decide what importance to give to each type of machine being built

Understand the different objects within VMWare VirtualBox

Course Modules
1.                    Virtualisation Overview

2.                    Virtualisation Installation

3.                    Virtualisation Configuration

4.                    Virtualisation Troubleshooting

Module 1:  Virtualisation Overview

Section 1: What is Virtualisation and how does it work?
Section 2: Why do we need Virtualisation?
Section 3: What are the different object types and features?
Section 4: How does Virtualisation integrate into our network?

Module 2:  Virtualisation Installation

Section 1: What are the data items and pre-requisites to check?
Section 2: Installing VMWare VirtualBox
Section 3: Post installation configuration and checks
Section 4: Using the console and editing configuration

Module 3:  Virtualisation Configuration

Section 1: Configuring servers, networks, permissions, and other key objects
Section 2: Integrating file sharing, networking, and other components
Section 3: Updating security, routing, and traffic
Section 4: Virtualisation policies

Module 4:  Virtualisation Troubleshooting

Section 1: Services, event logs and performance counters related to AD
Section 2: PowerShell and other tools and features for fast administration
Section 3: Taking backups and managing restores of Active Directory
Section 4: Change control, best practice, further reading and Q&A

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