Training: Building a Web Server with WordPress

Course Details
Course Name Installing a WordPress Web Server
Course Code A0100009
Cost £95.00
Delivered By Practical IT Solutions
Location Classroom (Stockport)
Target Technical System Administrators
Length 1 Day (9 Hours) 08:30-17:30
Prerequisites Learners should have a good understanding of Windows & network configuration along with general familiarity of server applications.
Course Overview
This course will provide you with a basic understanding of installing and configuring an IIS Web Server on MS Windows 2019, along with WordPress and the relevant DNS configuration to allow access.

You will practice installing the Microsoft IIS web components (for Apache based courses, please contact us directory). You will understand the pre-requisites and post installation configuration. You will learn about the concepts of web routing, DNS and integration and co-dependency.

Once IIS is installed you will install WordPress which is the industry standard for code-free web design for knowledge based internets & intranets. You will understand how to set up either an internal DNS entry or external DNS (eg, Google Domains) to route traffic to the website. You will understand firewall configuration. Once complete you will install a number of plugins for themes, security, table creation, Google login integration and others (time-permitting).  You may take the VirtualBox server home with you although a Windows Server 2019 licence will need to be purchased (or the site migrated).

The course is informal and allows time for questions and scenarios to be examined in detail within the class environment

Audience Profile
The course is aimed at new tech-savvy business owners, webmasters and internal corporate system administrators who need to run an easily updateable web service. People who have an interest in the subject or are planning a career in IT will find the course useful if they do not have prior knowledge of the subject matter.
Skills Gained
·         Assess the need for a Web Server running IIS & WordPress

·         Install & configure WordPress, including infrastructure related configuration

·         Create a website, web pages, customisation of menus and fonts

·         Install plug-ins and understand how they are activated and managed

·         Understand how access is granted and the key folders & files

·         Understand where to find objects, configuration items and policies

·         Take a backup of IIS, WordPress, plug-ins and the databases

Understand the roles available and how they affect operation

Course Modules
1.         Web Server with WordPress Overview
2.         IIS with WordPress Installation
3.         IIS with WordPress Configuration
4.         WordPress Exploitation
Module 1:   Web Server with WordPress

Section 1: What is IIS with WordPress and how does it work?
Section 2: Why do we need a Web Server with WordPress?
Section 3: What are the minimum features we need to install?
Section 4: How does the service fit together?

Module 2:   IIS with WordPress Installation

Section 1: What are the data items and pre-requisites to check?
Section 2: Installing IIS
Section 3: Installing WordPress
Section 4: Using the consoles, websites and post configuration config

Module 3:   IIS with WordPress Configuration

Section 1: Configuring users, security and access
Section 2: Installing vital plugins for security, SPAM & caching
Section 3: Configuring headers, menus, themes and settings
Section 4: Taking a simple backup of the files & data

Module 4:   Wordpress Exploitation

Section 1: Plug-in installation for fonts, forums, ecommerce, jobsites and more
Section 2: Plug-ins for user registration, contact forms and more
Section 3: Checking performance, caching and other key metrics
Section 4: Change control, best practice, further reading and Q&A


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