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Fixed price infrastructure & platform solutions for every business.

Practical IT Solutions is our brand of fixed price computing solutions, including on-site servers, hosted services, Azure & AWS configuration and even training, supporting your staff and helping you deliver your IT service.

The current list of available solutions is available from our Shop, but you’ll find a brief description of each solution on the relevant page.

There’s a diagram here, detailing the kind of services we offer. The diagram is not always up to date and some terminology may change, but it gives you an idea of how our solutions fit together.

Fundamentally, we champion a hybrid cloud configuration, keeping vital applications, security and data on-site, backed up to the cloud. Other applications, services and solutions can be hosted in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Cloud (Azure). We can configure these for you and spin up your first servers, desktops and cloud based applications. There are hundreds of ready made infrastructure components ready to use.

So you’ll see our small number of on-site solutions available for purchase. These are usually installed remotely to an existing or new Virtual Server platform. These come with basic support for the service we’ve built. We deliver our virtual servers on-site throughout mainland England and include some on-site handover/training as part of the solutions we offer. We offer direct training and support services alongside our solutions for lots of other applications and situations. Look out for our “Build Your Own Virtual Server” course where you can take the server away with you. Our Virtual Server host includes local & cloud backups, UPS, Virtual Desktop support and more.

All our prices includes the solution build, installation and a handover and training session delivered on-site (expenses payable) or remotely. They also include support for the underlying service we’ve built.

We offer our IT Solutions, Training & Support services separately, but our solutions are offered with training and support included:

How does it work?

  1. Have a browse around our site, or email us at Each of our solutions has with a factsheet to confirm a few more details before you order.
  2. Once you’re satisfied that you need us to build a solution, you can go ahead and order. If for any reason you change your mind, or we find a blocker which means we can’t go ahead, we refund you in full.
  3. Once you order, we’ll get it touch and confirm some basic details and pre-requisites. We’ll schedule a follow up call or visit to chat through how best we can integrate the solution into your business.
  4. Once our survey is complete and we’ve agreed the terms of delivery and the additional items we need to complete, we’ll complete the custom design specification. This details all the security, support and customisation we’ve added to the solution. It also details the follow up support you’ll receive.
  5. We will send the specification over to you. We will contact you to schedule the delivery and handover. The design specification accounts for 25% of the solution.
  6. As we deliver, build and integrate the solution, creating accounts and connectivity and adding the custom configuration we’ve agreed, we will document any additional changes into the design specification.
  7. We’ll usually need site access and security accounts if you already have secure infrastructure. The delivery, build and integration of the solution accounts for a further 50% of the solution.
  8. We will then (usually in the same visit, or agreed to be continued remotely) hand over the solution and perform any additional training with whoever will be looking after the solution day to day. This accounts for the final 25% of the solution.
  9. Your follow up support for the solution will usually include basic 12 months support for any hardware and our build. If something goes wrong, we can restore the build to the point we created it. If you’ve taken additional backups which you need help restoring of have further customised the build which you need help reconfiguring, these will be charged at our normal support rates, although minor queries and requests for help will be included as part of the support service if delivered by email.

See below an overview of the solution documentation we put together. Items 1 & 2 are fixed, whilst 3 & 4 are customised based on your environment and infrastructure.

Feel free to download our Practical IT Solutions whitepaper.

Practical IT Solutions: Azure Tenant Configuration

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