Practical IT Solutions: File & Print Server

Centralise, secure and control access to all your shared files and printers

Centralising your documents stores with controlled access, backups, virus and threat protection and audit is imperative in a growing business. A site File & Print server is the best way to enable this.

By centralising your files with shares in Microsoft Windows ADFS, files are locked using permissions based on Windows group membership. The best way to use this is in combination with Microsoft Active Directory, . This allows you to manage file and folder permissions using a single account for each user.

  • Centralise and control access to files and folders
  • Share out folders and map drives automatically at logon
  • Backup the drive using a USB drive, second internal hard drive and a cloud backup solution. We use Microsoft OneDrive by default

Hosted on a customer site, our File & Print server uses your user accounts and group membership to lock down access to files based on job role, project membership, or whatever you choose. Create new groups, folders and access levels from one place.

Your File & Print server will control all the print queues for a location, allowing access to printers and simple network based direct access from your PCs and devices. Printing directly from applications makes life easier for your staff. Its vital for any local fast access to file & print services for you users. We can also install printers, although we usually prepare instructions and can often configure your queue remotely. You would need to decide which backup method you wish to use and which printers to purchase.

The File & Print server will require a virtual server to be hosted on. We can build this for you, or install onto an existing Windows 2019 server if you have one available.

Our price includes the solution, installation and a 2 day handover and training session delivered on-site or remotely. It also includes basic 1 year support for the service.

The ordering form can be found here

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