Practical IT Solutions: Internal Web Server

Build an Intranet for your Staff with Proven Technologies

Hosted on an internal Windows server, your Web Server allows you to maintain ‘intranet’ services such as directories, publications, studies, project sites and other key resources. The Web Server runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server which is the industry standard along with Apache.

Your Web server will allow you to to build and create websites and web applications for your staff and agencies to connect to. Its important to allow limited access for developers, testers or a release pipeline. We can help with all that. The Web server includes configuration for PHP and other standard middleware code to process applications. We also offer a smaller Apache version of the IIS server. This is cheaper to operate and manage for smaller applications.  For smaller implementations  it still operates PHP and other code, along with MySQL. We will offer you an optional WordPress installation which takes the coding away from web design, allowing you to build many different applications with just a few clicks. Most of our website runs on WordPress along with around half of the worlds websites. Many WordPress site applications are free to use.

The Web server will require a virtual server to be hosted on. We can build this for you. You’ll need a virtual server host.

Our price includes the solution, installation and a 2 day handover and training session delivered on-site or remotely. It also includes basic 1 year support for the underlying service.

For purchase, please use this link

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