Practical IT Solutions: Proxy & DMZ Server

 Solution Factsheet

Service Proxy DMZ Server
Delivered By Practical IT Solutions
Location Customer hosted virtual server
Target Business services requiring secure outbound web access
Details Windows Server 2019 with Proxy Service
Gateway Server. Proxy Server, including DMZ firewall & network configuration, inbound FTP and Basic Access

Control Access to the Internet for Staff and Enable Safe Routes of Transport for Servers

Hosted on a customer site, our Proxy & DMZ server uses Microsoft Windows Server to allow you to control access to the internet for all your on-site users. It ensures people can only access sites you allow, or everything except sites you restrict. Additional more complex rules can be configured.

Your DMZ (de-militarised zone) server is the only route between your network users and the internet. It also allows access for your external tier if you are using a web-tier to host your own web server. The DMZ server is usually excluded from most internal site access, give its exposure. It also allows routes to be configured between yours and another organisation for regular file transfers.

The Proxy & DMZ server will require a virtual server to be hosted on. We can build this for you.

Our price includes the solution, installation and a 2 day handover and training session delivered on-site or remotely. It also includes basic 1 year support for the underlying service.

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