Practical IT Solutions: Remote Access Gateway

Allow controlled access to your network and resources for staff and customers.

Hosted on a DMZ based Windows server, your Remote Access server allows you to provide interactive logon access for your users or customers to your internal network’s resource, usually in the form of a physical or virtual desktop. The Remote Access server runs on Microsoft Windows Server and uses a combination of custom configuration and some additional policies and components which enable ease of use.

Your Remote Access server will allow you and your staff to work from home (or anywhere) very easily, whilst keeping out unwanted visitors. The Remote Access server will usually sit within the DMZ (not in a domain). For this to function properly, we will need to create additional configuration internally within the Domain. Hosting the Remote Access server within the domain can make configuration much easier, but then requires additional configuration of your Web or DMZ server to route and direct traffic.  We can help with all that. The Remote Access server includes configuration firewalls and hardening.

The Remote Access server will require a virtual server to be hosted on. We can build this for you.

Our price includes the solution, installation and a 2 day handover and training session delivered on-site or remotely. It also includes basic 1 year support for the underlying service. Order here.

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