Practical IT Solutions: Virtual Server Host

Operate up to 10 Virtual Servers & Desktops from One Host.

Using a virtual server host is the first step to achieving corporate grade server availability and management.

Having a single server which hosts multiple virtual servers  gives you a new world of server availability and speed of provision. The Virtual Server Host runs on a normal Windows Server 2019 server with hardware which is custom built for the task. In recent years, hardware has caught up with the demands of server operations and now enables one or two CPUs to create multiple instances of CPU, chopped up for multiple servers. The same with memory and disk. Virtual servers can be created at the click of a button and a DVD (ISO) attached to the server before booting, allowing you to create and run 8, 10 or even more servers from one server. One virtual server host is enough to run all the Naytaris  IT Solutions based on Windows Server 2019. See the graphic below for an illustration of the possibilities.

Included with the server are multiple SSD, traditional and removable drives allowing double level backup of VMs and data to take offsite.  The server can also run Windows 10 Virtual desktops for your staff, allowing you to control their software, security and backups and removing the need for constant desktop hardware changes.

  • Create multiple servers or desktops from one server
  • Have a single point of administration for security, application and data
  • Increase efficiency and save IT costs using only the power you need to power the VMs

Hosted on a customer site, our Virtual Server Host server uses VMWare VirtualBox, which is an open source offering from a huge company. This comes with continued free updates for the life of the software.

A Virtual Server Host is vital for any on-site applications to be provisioned quickly. Using AWS or Azure servers is a great way to combine resources to best effect. A true hybrid environment uses the best of both worlds. Local servers are great for providing logon (AD), file & print, security and other functions which need near instant responses.

The Virtual Server Host will require a cool room and power supply server to be hosted in. The server comes with a backup power supply. We build and install all this for you including setting up your first VMs with you.

Our price includes the solution, installation and a 2 day handover and training session delivered on-site. It also includes basic 1 year support for the service.

The ordering form can be found here

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