Practical IT Training: Introduction to Microsoft Azure


Course Details
Course Name Introduction to Microsoft Azure
Course Code A0100007
Delivered By Practical IT Solutions
Location Classroom (Stockport)
Target System Administrators
Length 1 Day (9 Hours) 08:30-17:30
Prerequisites Learners should have a basic understanding of Windows, IP, DNS, Security & Microsoft Online Services
Course Overview
This course will provide you with a basic understanding of installing and configuring a Microsoft Azure tenant including building resources such as servers, desktops and security routing.


A one day (9 hour) course covering the basics of accessing and configuring a Microsoft Azure tenant and setting up resources. The course cost includes everything you need for an Azure tenant which you can take away with you.


Once the Azure tenant is configured you will practice connecting to your tenant and building resources, routing network traffic through to resources and performing administrative functions and basic troubleshooting. This service provides you with an Active Directory Domain including details of backup & restore, basic configuration and handover of administrative accounts.


The course is informal and allows time for questions and scenarios to be examined in detail within the class environment. You will take the tenant away with you (it wil be zero cost) unless you already have an Azure tenant configured.


Audience Profile
This practical hands-on course is aimed at new Microsoft System Administrators and technicians who have little experience of Microsoft Azure and want to learn the basics. People who have an interest in the subject for configuring their own services for business or are planning a career in IT will find the course useful if they do not have prior knowledge of the subject matter.
Skills Gained
•Assess the need for an Azure tenant within a corporate environment

•Build a new Azure tenant connected to an IT network

•Create different resources and configure their attributes

•Understand the cost calculations and how they apply  to resources

•Configure and check billing, ownership and access correctly

•Understand how to reduce costs and secure resources with Authenticator

•Take snapshots and create copies of resources prior to making changes

•Appreciate the need for organisation, naming convention and access restriction

•Organise your tenant for day to day administration to restrict costs and changes

Course Modules
1.         Microsoft Azure Overview
2.         Microsoft Azure Setup
3.         Microsoft Azure Configuration
4.         Microsoft Azure Service Walkthrough
Module 1:   Microsoft Azure Overview

Section 1: What is Microsoft Azure and how does it work?

Section 2: Why do we need Microsoft Azure?

Section 4: How does Microsoft Azure integrate into our network?

Section 3: What are the different resources and features available?

Module 2:   Microsoft Azure Setup

Section 1: What are the data items and pre-requisites to check?

Section 2: Establishing the Microsoft Azure tenant

Section 3: Logging in and configuring security

Section 4: Using the Azure console and exploring resources

Module 3:   Microsoft Azure Configuration

Section 1: Adding users, security groups and permissions

Section 2: Creating an Azure desktop & server with DNS and security group

Section 3: Adding additional resources and appliances

Section 4: Reconfiguring and shutting down resources out of hours

Module 4:   Microsoft Azure Walkthrough

Section 1: Whistle-stop tour of Azure services, for recall and understanding

Section 2: Understanding Azure Active Directory and its key role in infrastructure

Section 3: Taking snapshots and managing restores of Azure servers

Section 4: Change control, best practice, further reading and Q&A


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