Practical IT Support Model

Our Support Model.

Find below our model for providing IT Support to you, whether your support credit has been included with a solution, or whether you are paying directly, the procedure for logging an incident is the same.

All our server solutions whether cloud or onsite hosted come with unlimited P2 Server support for 1 Year. If you wish to pay for additional years, per server please contact us to prepare an estimate to discount the single prices. We can provide server support for (non Practical) Windows operating system based servers. Please contact us to provide an estimate.

If you wish to receive User support, each user must be registered and purchase P1, P2 or P3 Support for 1 year.  User support is for operating system and connectivity plus MS Office.

Device support is based on a custom solution being provided which includes desktops, laptops or tablets.

  1. An incident is logged via our Support ticket website
  2. We will respond to the incident within the SLA for the ticket type
  3. We respond via eMail for all support tickets except P1 which we will call you back within 2 hour
  4. We will notify you of the next stage, whether we can close the incident, perform further offline investigation, or arrange a further callback or visit, as well as potential time to fix and costs. You must be a registered user for IT Support prior to logging incidents and have a registered method of payment, or Solution identifier account number.
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